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KeepInTouch.ai offers real-time buying signals from your target list. We integrate with today’s top social platforms, turning customer social data into the easy, actionable, multi-step event list that helps to build rapport and get “yes” from the new and old clients quicker. Don’t miss any opportunity and keep in touch!

What Our Customers Say

We can tell you about the amazing things we can do for your business, but we think our customers can tell you better. After all, what they think is what really matters.

Improve Marketing ROI


More Sales Opportunities


Faster Buyer Journey


Increase Sales Efficiency


Identify and Engage Your Buyer

Save hours of research time with up-to-the-minute company news and social buzz. Increase your win rate by tailoring your pitch to immediate customer needs. Know when to reach out based on timely email news alerts.

Accelerate Your Sales with Social Selling

Social selling is about leveraging your social network to find the right prospects, build trusted relationships, and ultimately, achieve your sales goals. This sales technique enables better sales lead generation and sales prospecting process and eliminates the need for cold calling. Building and maintaining relationships is easier within the network that you and your customer trust.

Key points for social selling:

– 45% more sales opportunities
– 51% more likely to hit quota
– 78% of social sellers outsell peers who don’t use social media

Real results, now.

Customers using KeepInTouch have seen a 8x gain in MQL conversion rates, and a 62% faster deal cycles in less than 30 days.

Instant relevance.

KeepInTouch identifies your best reference customer instantly so every outreach is the most personalized and relevant, and your next best actions can be fully automated.

Focus on the important

KeepInTouch helps to filter out the noise by choosing the signals that are important to your team. Get notification when lead published content or asked for professional advice.

Monetize your CRM gold.

KeepInTouch helps to follow leads from your entire CRM in minutes, revealing your highest-priority prospects and your best reference customers.

Messaging, solved.

Messaging is hard, we know. KeepInTouch shows you what words and needs matter most to your customers and prospects right now.

Never miss a great lead.

KeepInTouch continuously scan social interactions for buying signals and alerts you in real-time so you never miss a promising lead.

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